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Flagstaff, Arizona

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About Us

We became an approved kennel with the International Tamaskan Register and the Tamaskan Dog Register in 2019, with our female Tamaskan, Kiera (Hawthorne Zion). We were attracted to the Tamaskan breed not only because of their lupine looks, but because of the breed standard which emphasized an active, but friendly family dog and companion. More importantly, the stringent health testing requirements for breeding dogs made it immediately evident that the people involved with this breed-in-development were committed to the well-being of litters produced and the longevity and health of the breed as a whole. 


When we got Kiera in 2016, it was not our intention to become involved in breeding -- it is a large commitment and responsibility, but being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the furtherance of the breed became something that we wanted to be a part of - and we have a wonderful girl in looks, structure, temperament, and health to contribute to future generations of the breed.


In addition to completing the battery of health testing, conformation and temperament evaluations, I have a M.S. in Biology with a decent background genetics have also completed courses Population Genetics for Dog Breeders and Managing Genetics into the Future. My educational background and continuing education in genetics has provided me with a thorough understanding genetics, inheritance, and how these things must be considered not only at the individual level, but the breed/population scale in making wise breeding decisions.

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