Planned Breeding - October 2020

We are planning to breed Kiera in October 2020 to a TDR and ITR approved outcross stud dog named Flint (see photos below). Flint is a West Siberian Laika, which is a Nordic spitz-type hunting breed not yet found in the Tamaskan foundation dog stock. My goals and objectives in using Flint for an outcross breeding are to add diversity to the gene pool while still maintaining the classic nordic breed lupine look. In addition, I hope to improve upon owner-focus and working drive in resulting offspring from this outcross breeding.


Flint is a wonderful dog who successfully hunts squirrel with his owner, and is titled in UKC conformation, weight pull and lure coursing. Flint also participates in recreational bikejoring and mushing. Flint's temperament is fairly typical of laika breeds; human friendly, but independent, smart, and confident.


Not only is Flint well-rounded and brings desirable traits to the Tamaskan breed, but he also has an excellent bill of health and has gone through the same battery of health testing as required by all breeding Tamaskan as a TDR and ITR approved outcross. Flint has scored OFA Excellent for hips and OFA Normal for elbows and eyes. Flint has also been Embarked and is clear for all tested health defects, including DM and PRA (both clear).

We expect puppies from this breeding to average around 55 lbs adult weight, some puppies will exhibit Flint's white marking pattern, and puppies will likely have sickle-shaped tails (not likely to be tightly curled).

Because Flint is an outcross stud, we are looking for both breeding and pet homes for pups from a resulting litter. Co-own or guardianship homes will also be considered for potential breeding quality puppies. Potential homes will be thoroughly screened to ensure puppies' needs will be met and for the best chance at a permanent and successful placement with the right families. There will be puppy-buyer contracts for each puppy, which will include take-back clauses in the case that a dog needs to be rehomed, for any reason, during its lifetime. This is a measure taken to prevent any Tamaskan puppies from ending up in shelters.

All puppies will have vet checks and will be current on vaccinations, will be microchipped, Embarked, and started on the Puppy Culture Program before being placed with their families.


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