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The Tamaskan Dog is a breed-in-development, meaning there is still an open stud book to ensure a robust gene pool while also working toward achieving the goals of the breed in terms of looks, temperament and health. The breed is not yet recognized by the AKC or other FCI recognized registries. However, there are two reputable international registries utilized in North America, the Tamaskan Dog Register and the International Tamaskan Register along with several recognized breed clubs and registries in Europe. 


Because the Tamaskan still has an open stud book, this means that non-Tamaskan dogs can be approved as an outcross to contribute to the developing Tamaskan breed. Any outcrosses used in the Tamaskan breed must also go through the same rigorous health testing requirements as registered Tamaskan breeding dogs and must be approved by the registry committees of breeders. Offspring from outcross litters are considered G1 Tamaskan and are registered with the respective registries as such.


The Tamaskan Dog is a domestic nordic breed, often possessing traits associated with nordic breeds such as high energy, high prey drive, intelligence, and typically need both mental and physical stimulation and/or a job to be happy. Tamaskans are bred to be friendly, more biddable, and happy to work in a harness.

Foundation dogs include primarily husky, malamute, and shepherd, along with some samoyed and other wolf-alike breeds and outcrosses, such as Northern Inuit and Utonagan. There are some Tamaskan foundation dogs that had wolf content, including American wolfdogs and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. This wolf content has typically been diluted over generations, although some new outcrosses with wolf content at 30% and below have been approved. 


For information on the Tamaskan Dog, including breed standards and history, you can visit the

Tamaskan Dog Register website here: https://www.tamaskandogregister.com

and the International Tamaskan Register here: https://www.tamaskan-register.com