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Our Tamaskan

Kiera is a female G1 Tamaskan from a litter between Hawthorne Black Dragon's Cauldron (Raven) and outcross stud dog, Points Unknown Arrow (Arrow), who is a working Hedlund husky.

Kiera, at 5 years old, is approximately 70 lbs, and 25 inches at the withers. She is intelligent, sweet-natured, has a generally sweet personality, and has a natural pulling instinct.

Kiera is OFA "Fair" (no evidence of hip dysplasia) for hips, OFA "Normal" for elbow dysplasia, OFA "Normal" for eyes as of 2020. Kiera has been Embarked for heritable diseases and is a carrier for degenerative myelopathy (DM), which means any potential stud dog she is bred to will need to be clear for this disease to ensure no resulting puppies are affected.

Kiera lives with us, our Karelian Bear Dog/Russo European Laika cross, Kody, and our cat, Kimber in our home in Flagstaff, Arizona. We take her with us on off-leash hikes in the high desert and in the forest, she goes camping with us, travels in the car quite well, and enjoys bikejoring in the spring and fall and mushing in the winter. 

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